Wash And Fold

Wash & Fold Laundry Cleaning Services

It has lots of names, Fluff and Fold, Wash and Fold, Wash Dry Fold, however, we really just think of it as more time with your kids, more time to work, more time to play or just more time to enjoy. Once you try our laundry cleaning services we think you will agree. At $2.50/lb with a minimum order of $20.00, you will think it is a steal when you realize you have the option of not even having to get out of your car. Just park in our Laundry Loading Zone and our laundry valet will meet you with a cart and a tablet so all you have to do is pop the trunk to drop off your laundry.

What is that you say? Separate my light and dark loads...we have you covered. In fact, we do it without you even asking. You have a favorite laundry detergent? So do we. Ask about our available detergents to find your favorite.

Cold wash, hang dry, low temp drying, hypo-allergenic soap, Downy softener and Bounce dryer sheets? Check, check and check...we have all of your wash and fold laundry needs covered. All we need you to do is let us know how you like your fluff and fold. I mean wash and fold, wait, wash dry fold. You get the picture! Come and see us today and experience what our laundry cleaning services can do to make your life easier! Time is precious, don't waste it on laundry!