Aqua 9Plus

Aqua 9+ Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Drinking Water Dispenser

First, we purify the water through reverse-osmosis (R.O.); and second, we add all-natural ionic (i.e. positively charged) minerals into the water. These ionic minerals consist of Ionic Calcium, Ionic Magnesium, and Ionic Potassium.

Normally, consumers drink the water within a few days. The alkalinity normally only drops about 1 pH point after a few days, because carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacts with the water and makes the water less alkaline. If the consumer stores the water and never opens it to drink it, the 9.5+ pH will last indefinitely.

AQUA 9+ water is micro-clustered water, which means that the water is made up of small chains of H2O molecules, therefore, penetrating our body cells very easily and hydrating our body faster. Other types of water, like spring water, have a difficult time penetrating our body cells, because these types of water are made up of large chains of H2O molecules.

The filtration process used is called reverse-osmosis (R.O.), which removes 99.9% of all contaminants, heavy metals, fluoride, etc.

The 8.0 pH water is similar to spring water quality. However, if one wants to experience the true health benefits of alkaline water, drinking the 9.5+ pH water is most beneficial.

First, the 9.5+ pH alkaline drinking water from the water-vending kiosk only costs $2.00 per gallon; whereas, the alkaline drinking water in the prepackaged bottles costs on average between $4.00 & $5.00 per gallon. Second, consumers enjoy purchasing large quantities from the water-vending kiosk for home use (e.g. for making beverages, such as, coffee and tea, as well as, for cooking and baking). The water sales from the kiosk enhances the store’s bottled water sales, because consumers still like to purchase the smaller prepackaged bottles and drink alkaline water on the go.

Yes, the plastic containers are normally BPA-free; meaning, the plastic will not leech into the water. Therefore, the plastic containers can be re-used over and over again. Just a word of caution, however; do not store the plastic containers directly in the sun.