Your time is precious, don't waste any more of it than you have to on laundry! At Olas Express Laundromat we place three values above all, timeliness, cleanliness and customer service. Whether you come in to wash your own laundry, leave your laundry with our Laundry Service, or leave it at your front door for our laundry pickup and delivery in Ventura, your satisfaction is our highest priority!! Never-ending laundry piles perpetually tug at your time. Olas Express Laundromat exists to make the laundry chore a bit easier, a bit faster and a bit more pleasurable. Come see us today!!

Time is of the Essence!!!

Self Service

Express Self Serve Laundry

With the greatest selection of large capacity machines in any Ventura Laundromat, 200G extract speeds, and full cycle dry, Olas Express Laundromat makes it easy and fast to wash and dry copious amounts of laundry in under and hour.

Folded Shirts

Wash, Dry, Fold

Yes, you can have clean laundry without any fuss. Just drop off your dirty clothes and our professional, friendly attendants will have it cleaned and folded in no time. Our Ventura laundry service will have you in, out and back to what you would rather be doing. (working or playing)

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Commercial Laundry Service

Customer oriented, flexible, friendly service..........whatever your needs, our commercial laundry pickup and delivery can help. Our commercial laundry pickup and delivery in Ventura caters to the professional. As small business owners ourselves, we understand your business needs are ever changing. Olas Express Laundromat can provide the friendly, flexible customer service that will allow you to grow your business to the next level.



Wash Dry Fold
Per Pound*

* (minimum order 10lbs, we will accept less weight but will bill at the minimum order)

Self Service

  • 2 Load (20lb) Wash $3.25
  • 3 Load (30lb) Wash $4.50
  • 4 Load (40lb) Wash $5.25
  • 6 Load (60lb) Wash $7.00
  • 9 Load (90lb) Wash $10.25
  • 30 lb Dryer $1.50 (Full 30 minute cycle)*
  • 50 lb Dryer $1.75 (Full 30 minute cycle)*
  • 80 lb Dryer $2.25 (Full 30 minute cycle)*
  • *Additional 6 minutes $0.25

A Little About Us

Olas Express Laundromat is a locally owned, family operated business located in Ventura, CA less than a mile from the beach. We are dedicated to being the premier laundromat in all of Ventura, Ojai, Oak View, Oxnard and beyond. Our laundry is fully attended with friendly, helpful attendants here to assist you. With 100% Dexter Express Commercial Laundry equipment, ample parking, plentiful folding tables, free wifi, kids play area and comfy seating, we are here to make that pesky laundry task as quick and easy as can be.

About Us



What Sets Us Apart?

Reverse Osmosis Water

Aqua 9+, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Purified Water

We offer Aqua 9+ ultra purified drinking water to our customers. This water uses a filtration process called reverse-osmosis (R.O.). This removes 99.9% of all contaminants, heavy metals, fluoride, etc.

Activities (1)

Kid Friendly Laundromat

In our laundromat, we offer a clean, light and bright area for kids to read, play with toys or sit back and enjoy a show. From time to time, we will offer special activities for kids.